Some of our amazing bathroom remodels

Full kitchen remodel

Wayne & Winnie (River Edge NJ)


Full kitchen remodel

Matt's new kitchen


Full kitchen remodel

Leona's new kitchen


Full kitchen remodel

Bhavin & Justine (Jersey City NJ, Waterfront area)

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Elaine Project
Before and After

New bathroom remodel

1 2nd st (Portofino BLDG)

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Randy Basement​​
Total Remodel

Melissa New kitchen

(before & after)

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Bob new bathroom

Before and After

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David K.​​
Total Remodel, major renovation.
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David Kim​​

Before and After Kitchen

John Yu New bathroom remodel

(Bathroom remodel with a fireplace!!)

Full house remodel

Kitchen remodel

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​​Total Remodel

New bathroom remodel


1 2nd st bathrooom remodel (Portofino Bldg)

New Roof Install

Remove and install new roof


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After pic

Full new remodel bathroom(new tiles, vanity, toilet, light fixtures, shower door, drop in tub, custom mirror, exhaust fan, and shower controls)